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Innovating public governance in Armenia

Kolba Lab crowdsourced innovating public governance
to the employees of the Government of RA and Ministry of Justice.

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Interactive chess learning platform

Nowadays information technologies provide unlimited opportunities in education. Each user can use the Internet to get the most exciting specialization, without even leaving his or her home.The same is true for chess education. If you are interested in chess, but have neither the time nor the opportunity to go to a chess school or find private chess tutor, now you have an alternative solution!Hrayr Shaybazyan and his team has submitted t...

ARVEST educational art game

In 2017, Eiva Arts Foundation responded to Kolba Lab’s call for innovative ideas in education and presented their idea combining educational gaming technologies and Armenian art.The co-authors of the game intended to design a series of interactive Armenian language learning games that promote art education. Through the games, compiled in one package, the players will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the most famous works of 1...


In 2016 Kolba Lab organized an Open Data Hackathon aimed at using open databases to generate innovative solutions to a range of Armenia’s social challenges. As a result of 24 hours of hacking, participant Aleksey Chalabyan developed the project hosanq.info.Aleksey’s project utilizes the open source database of Electric Networks of Armenia and enables users to track his or her personal energy consumption history. The platform allows...

Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, having undergone several startling transformations over the centuries. From ancient silk road trade hub to utopian garden city, what might be next for the Armenian capital? When the city of Yerevan was being redesigned in the early 20th century, architect Alexander Tamanyan had the idea of creating a new kind of city, one that put the social, economic and political well-being of its citizens above everything else.

When the history books are opened in 100 years’ time, might we see a new chapter for Yerevan: birth of the Smart City? 

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Making our education systems fit for the 21st century is not a problem that Armenia faces alone. All around the world, governments are looking critically at the way they approach education. 

The future of Armenia is dependent on whether we can shift from outdated learning behaviors, and reach out to a whole new era of technologies, resources and opportunities.

Kolba Lab is looking for activists and change-makers from across the social spectrum who have ideas for shaking up educational services, to create an active, 21st century-ready population.

Is this you?  Then join us! 19th June, 2017 is the deadline for the submission of your ideas! 

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